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In Ontario, existing buildings of specific occupancies (namely assembly, residential, healthcare, and hotel) are required to undergo a Retrofit Audit to establish required upgrading for achieving a minimum level of life safety through containment, means of egress, suppression and detection methods. Although the Ontario Fire Code retrofit requirements have existed for over 30 years, there are many facilities for which a Retrofit Audit has yet to be conducted. The Ontario Fire Code places the responsibility for conforming to the retrofit requirements squarely on the owners of a building. In addition to the legal mandate to comply with retrofit requirements, failure to complete any necessary retrofitting may have an impact on insurance and mortgage matters related to the facility.

MGA will conduct a comprehensive visual, non-destructive audit of the building and provide documentation outlining any noted retrofit deficiencies as well as cost effective compliance solutions. In the event that compliance with a prescriptive retrofit requirement of the Ontario Fire Code is not feasible, MGA will review alternative methods / concepts and prepare a Life Safety Study that will describe how the intent of the prescriptive retrofit requirement can be achieved.

To contact a Code specialist about conducting a retrofit audit or preparing a Life Safety Study for your facility, contact us today.

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