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Providing Code compliance guidance on architectural, mechanical, electrical, and interior design drawings for a project will benefit the design team in mitigating significant design changes in the latter stages of a project and encouraging efficiency and coordination in the design development process. Code compliance guidance will also benefit your interactions with the authorities, by promoting a clear understanding of the Building Code approach for the permit submission, thus resulting in fewer comments pertaining to the submission and a more expedient turnaround for the building permit.

In addition, reviewing early iterations of the project design drawings assists with keeping the project direction on track from the onset and providing confidence for proceeding with other aspects of the project (e.g., sales, marketing, etc.).

Our firm will review the architectural drawings with respect to the life safety and fire protection requirements of the Building Code, and prepare documentation, in the form of a Design Brief and/or drawing mark-ups, identifying any Building Code issues or other methods for improved, cost-effective fire and life safety design.

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