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Fire Safety Plans (FSPs) are documents that provide direction and guidance for the safe evacuation of occupants, actions to be taken by supervisory staff, and requirements for maintaining fire protection and life safety systems serving the facility. Fire Safety Plans are mandated for certain occupancies or based on certain facility characteristics (ranging from townhouses to high hazard industrial buildings and high rise complexes) under Section 2.8 of the Fire Codes and are to be implemented at or before occupancy.

In cooperation with your local Fire Services, MGA will develop a Fire Safety Plan for your facility, outlining building resources, responsible (supervisory) personnel, their roles and responsibilities, evacuation procedures, maintenance requirements, fire drill procedures, fire prevention measures, and alternative safety measures. In addition, MGA will create schematic floor and site plan diagrams illustrating exit locations and select fire and life safety system device locations. The completed document will be submitted to the local Fire Services for review and approval.

MGA will also assist with the creation of training programs and presentations geared towards owners and operators, supervisory personnel, and occupants. This training material can be fashioned to be a high level overview of the Plan in its entirety, or tailored to address the content of your Fire Safety Plan specific to a given supervisory personnel and their roles and responsibilities.

To contact a Code specialist about preparing a Fire Safety Plan and/or associated training material for your facility, contact us today.

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