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For the purposes of addressing innovative construction practices, introducing and regulating new products and Code approaches, harmonizing National and Provincial Codes, and enhancing the quality and performance of the prescriptive requirements, the Building and Fire Codes undergo cycles during which potential changes to the prescriptive Code requirements are reviewed and considered for implementation.

MGA plays an active role in the Code development process through contributing feedback in the Proposed Code Changes public consultation process; as well as participating as a stakeholder on various Code Committees and Task Groups.

MGA will also assist our clients in preparing and submitting Code Changes, should they desire to modify or revise a Code requirement or introduce new regulations. This process involves researching the proposed Code changes and their root Code requirements, preparing documentation in support of the proposed change, attending stakeholder meetings to discuss the proposed changes, completing the Code Change submission forms on the client’s behalf, and representing our client at Technical Advisory Committee meetings.

To contact a Code specialist about facilitating a proposed Code change on your behalf, contact us today.

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