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The Building and Fire Codes offer a prescriptive benchmark for a minimum level of life safety; however, the requirements of the Codes can be subject to interpretation, which can lead to items of discussion or dispute with the authorities. For this reason, it is imperative that the intended Code approach be clearly communicated to the authorities prior to, or in conjunction with, the Building Permit application process. We recommend that the project plans be reviewed ahead of the building permit drawing set and that a Code Compliance report and associated life safety diagrams be prepared as part of the Building Permit submission.

However, if items of dispute or issues requiring further discussion or clarification arise, MGA will negotiate with building and fire officials to reconcile any differences in interpretation and work towards an agreeable solution for all parties. If necessary, MGA will also assist with preparing Alternative Solutions or Building Code Commission documentation to address project disputes.

To contact a Code specialist about assisting with authority negotiations for your project, contact us today.

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